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CraftQuest began as a random, midnight idea between two Twitterverse BFF writers, and since then has grown into a beautifully powerful collaboration of the writing community and publishing industry.

But who, or what,  is CraftQuest?


CraftQuest is a clubhouse for writers; it's a safe space for creative humans to find everything they need: talk-show-esq streams about writing craft, forums to find critique partners and beta readers, affordable editorial services that meet needs without taking a bat to the piggy bank, and a community of writers who are here for you, no matter what.


It's a place to learn from other writers' mistakes, to find sound advice, and discover bonds that will guide you, challenge you, and make you into the best writer you can be.


“I think this has better prepared me to face an agent’s or publisher’s red pen. [This service] is going to help a lot of writers. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing."”

 Sara Noë, Writer

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