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Editing Packages

Services catered to the needs of YOUR story.

A Word On Our Services

We use Tracked Changes in either Google Doc or Word for all full manuscript edits. This provides you with the ease to identify where suggestions or edits are made and to accept/reject them at your own discretion.

Full payment is expected at the start of service via PayPal. Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the selected editor. Email us to discuss any questions you might have about our editorial services, turnaround, availability, and more.

Laptop & Coffee

This service is for serious writers ready to get their hands dirty with extensive edits. A Double Shot covers everything from storytelling elements (emotional connection, dialogue, character arc) to comprehensive details (readability, consistency, clarity, flow, grammar).

Cost: 0.010/word

Double Shot Espresso

Includes: Line edit + Developmental edit + Reader Report


Think of this service as a line-by-line edit that focuses on the structural components of your manuscript, such as: clarity, flow, tone, consistency, style, pacing, clichés, and grammar. A line edit is great for anyone who wants a pair of detailed eyes on their story to make it as error-free as possible.

Cost: 0.008/word.

Line Edit

Includes: Extensive substantive edit + Reader Report


The purpose of a developmental edit is to bring organization and strength to the storytelling elements of a book. This looks at the BIG PICTURE of your manuscript and includes everything from pacing to characters, point of view, tense, plot, subplots, and dialogue.

Cost: 0.008/word.

Developmental Edit

Includes: Detailed developmental edit + Reader Report

Hand Pile of Happy Group

Do you know what is better than having one pair of eyes on your manuscript? It's having six or more eyes on it at the same time! We welcome you to our multi-editor service, a unique experience for writers who want more than one editor improving their work at the same time! 


  • For 3 editors, it is .015/word.

  • For 4 editors, it is .02/word.

  • For 5 editors, it is  .025/word.   

The CraftQuest Crew Edit

Includes: Full manuscript simultaneous edit + Reader Report

Carrot Cupcake

The Thrifty 60/60 includes an in-depth assessment of the first 60 pages of your manuscript. This assessment includes a 2-3 page report that looks at: 2-4 strengths of your novel, the effectiveness/strength of the first chapter, weaknesses, and the structure (prose, style, awkward sentences). This service does not include in-text comments/line editing.

Cost: Flat fee of $60

Thrifty 60

Includes: Edit of first 60 pages 

Girl Reading on Bed

The first chapter can make or break a story. For this service, we'll edit the opening of your story (up to 20 pages). We'll focus on elements every first chapter should have, such as: character arc (goals, conflict, motivations), setting, appropriate starting point, pacing, and point of view. 

Cost: Flat fee of $35

The First Chapter Fix

Includes: Edit of first chapter (up to 20 pages)


We get it. Drafting a query letter can be stressful, frustrating, and mind-boggling. But we've got you covered!

Cost: Flat rate fee of $20

Query Letter Edit

Includes: Detailed edit of query letter 

Leather Camera

Let's face it: pitching, whether on Twitter or in person, is a huge deal. ​The best method for success is practice and preparation. We offer help with crafting pitches for Twitter events, such as #SFFpit, #PitMad, #PitDark, or #DivPit. We also offer face to face (via video) practice pitches for writing con

Cost: Flat rate fee of $20

Pitch Session Prep

Includes: Help crafting short pitches for events

Man with Book

We offer in-depth edits of a 1-2 page synopsis for your manuscript. As a perk, we'll also point you to credible, valuable resources we personally use when drafting our own synopsis.

Cost: Flat rate fee of $20

Synopsis Edit

Includes: Detailed edit of 1-2 page synopsis + Resources 

Floral Card

We get it. Drafting a query letter can be stressful, frustrating, and mind-boggling. Add in the craziness of having to sum up your whole book in 1-2 pages, and it can all be a little overwhelming. But we've got your back, writers. We're here to help you make sure your submission package is as ready as possible for querying. So take a deep breath!

Cost: Flat rate fee of $50

Submission Package

Includes: Detailed edit of query letter + Synopsis


Print and Ebook formatting include:

  • Prologue, Dedication page, Epilogue, etc

  • Chapter titles

  • Page number

  • Embedded font

  • Manually corrected paragraph indents and justified pages


  • Print pricing: $1.02/page (250 words/page OR 80,000 words/320 pages = $326)

  • Ebook pricing: 80,000 words = $160

  • Print +Ebook combo: 0.004/word

New Service: Book Formatting

Includes: Interior design + formatting for self-published fiction for print and ebook with Amazon KDP and Barnes & Noble.

Video Session

Includes: A face-to-face 30 minute video chat on any topic related to your manuscript.

Sometimes it's just nice to actually talk to someone in person and walk them through what's going on with your story. Whether it be discussing potential book ideas, reviewing an outline, nailing down character arcs, or talking through potential plot holes, we're here for you.

Cost: $40 per 30 minute session 


Includes: A stunning visual collage inspired by your story, character, or theme. These can be shared during aesthetic events on Twitter and across social media.

You tell us all about your book and we'll create a gorgeous aesthetic for it. Oh yeah. It's that simple. We won't even take an arm and a leg for it. Email us for more details.


Includes: Proofing, checking for repetition, sentence structure, and grammar.

Cost: $0.006 per word.

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