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You send us a three paragraph description of your book along with the first three chapters. Alternatively, you can send us a full short story for critique.

We'll give you a detailed edit on what we've seen, and what you may be able to correct globally in your manuscript, explaining our thoughts on:

1) What might get you accepted or rejected by an agent/publisher and how you might increase your chances.

2) How to strengthen your prose and tighten your story, without losing your voice and what makes your tale unique.

3) The pace and feeling of your story - is it a page turner? Does it drag? Are our hearts already racing? Did we get your jokes?

All given with the wit and intelligence of three siblings and authors that love reading, writing, and working with writers. All without a fee.

We're your new critique partners. ​

The Inkwell Lottery

The Inkwell Lottery

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