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About Megan

The Queen With Many Crowns & an Adorable Doggo

Megan fell in love with reading and writing from a young age. She grew up to receive a BA in English with a minor in philosophy; eager to stay as close to books as possible.


She has and continues to wear many hats in the publishing world: freelance editor, former line editor in indie fantasy publishing houses, assistant editor in New York, literary intern at the Corvisiero Agency, and Pitchwars 2018 mentor. She’s also accumulated several short story publications in Maudlin House, Twisted Sister Lit, and The Chaos of Hard Clay anthology – among others. Top that with blogging and reading, and it’s a miracle her brain hasn’t exploded yet.


In her spare time, she’s either traveling, hiking, or binge watching television shows. If you can’t find her, offer to show her pictures of your pet, especially if it’s a dog. It works 100% of the time.

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If you’d like to submit to Megan, there are several things you should know. She’ll fight for the stories she loves and make sure you’re presenting your best work. She pushes writers so they can get the words on the page as close as possible to what’s in their heads. Her heart is closest to diverse stories, well done queer characters and relationships, gray morality, slow burn relationships, anti-heroes, and kickass women.

Preferred markets: Upper Middle Grade | Young Adult

Fantasy: Please no high fantasy, but do give me a spin on classic fairytales, magical realism, your everyday societies with a spark of magic, and your gritty urban underground worlds. Got fae? Hell yes. Got someone overthrowing a magical overlord? Even better.

Science Fiction: Literally everything. Give me your end of the world disasters, your post apocalyptic societies, your stories set in space, time travel, your gripping futuristic worlds filled with robots. Give me virtual reality and AIs and overall chaos.

Contemporary: Please no fluffy romance or contemporary with ONLY a romantic component. But do give me some darker contemporary with complex family dynamics or odd jobs or weird stuff going on.

Note: Dark contemporary doesn’t equate to stories with endless tragedy or everyone dying.

What does Megan NOT want?


  • Horror of any kind (demons, ghosts, hauntings, possessions, please don’t). Send them to Maria. Scare her and you’ll win a prize.

  • Anything with animal abuse

  • Erotica

  • Rape as the main plot or for dramatic effect.

  • Historical Fiction

SERVICES MEGAN DOESN'T DO: Pitch sessions, aesthetics, and book formatting.